Eden WTX500 Homemade Wedge

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  1. Hi - Posted this on the Eden Forum a couple of weeks ago and have used it now it a small club exclusively for the last week - It seriously kicks a$$..:D
    Had a few players ask about it and suggest I post here as well.

    Just an idea but it would also work awesomely with the WTX260 or even a markbass LM2... :hyper:

    "...Had a brain snap today and decided to get creative with my WTX500.
    I found an old Behringer combo I had lying around in my garage, that I never used, and took the electronics out and so all I was left with was the speaker ( 15 inch, 4 ohm 250 watts ) and the chassis - with the now vacant amp compartment.
    Rewired a speakon connector to come from the speaker and measured the size of the WTX500 amp - then made a plywood cover to surround the amp in the now open port of the combo (see picture #1).
    Plugged it in and WOW! - it sounds fantastic (engaged the 12db "push - Pull" knob on the amp). Lots of good bottom end and LOUD! AND I now have a light wedge for those difficult monitoring gigs we do sometimes.
    Even better is that the WTX500 is actually only held there by velcro on the bottom of the amp so removing it and putting it in my gig bag to use with my other rigs is a breeze - and it seriously doesnt move at all with the "male hook velcro".

    Anyway - pix to follow (excuse the dog hair ).."

    Before the "faceplate"


    and after..



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    Was that a behringer bx1200? If so, that was my first combo and I really liked it at the time. Too bad it fried out after only 3 hrs of use.