Eden xst 210 (4ohm) paired Genzler BA 12-3 slant

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    I think the answer is: Probably don't, but listen and see if you like it.

    My question is, What do you think about stacking a Genzler 112 on an Eden 210xst?

    I am currently running an Eden WT 405 through two 4 ohm 210 xst cabs. However, usually I am only running one cab for stage volume. I only need all four 10's at a few venues that we regular. I played a Genzler at a local shop the other day and was very impressed by the near field dispersion. I think I would like to switch to a single BA 12-3 when I only need stage volume.

    The problem is that sometimes I need more than stage volume, right? It will be a long time till I can afford 3 genzler cabs, so that brings me back to my question. What about stacking a Genzler 12-3 on an eden 210xst? Impedance should be okay, each of the eden 10s would be running at 8 ohms and so would the genzler 12-3, so in an ideal world each woofer would be able to split the load somewhat equally. I am mainly worried about phase issues as sound moves into the room. Is there anything else I should be worried about?


    p.s. this is my first time posting to a forum so...
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    @SpearRock Thank you for your question and your interest in our BA 12-3 SLT cab. I don't think you'd have any concerns about adding this cabinet on top of one of your Eden 210 XST cabs. I would recommend that you turn off the tweeter on that 2x10 cabinet when you do this. I think that will provide the better blend of how these cabinets might work together. If you do combine these 2 cabs, I think you'd find that the 2x10 would offer more low end to the rig and the BA cabinet would provide the overall clarity and dispersion, more so than the 2 dual 10" cabs you've been using. Of course, your ears will be the best judge of this combination.
    If your Eden cabs are 4 ohm cabs, then you;ll be running a 4 ohm and 8 ohm cab for a total 2.67 impedance load on your amp.
    Let us all know if you decide to go down this route with adding this cab to your current rig.
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    @SpearRock welcome to TB forum.
    I think @Jeff Genzler already told you the best advice you can get to get a "practicable" sound with this combination, which means turn off the tweeter of the 2x10.

    As you ask your question as kind of a transitional solution you shouldn't worry to much about some overlap of array bandwidth and full range runnng 10" woofers.

    Addressed to your principle phase issue consideration this is (most often) of less concern anyway, and barely understood anyway.
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