Eden XST in a XLT cab

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  1. I own an Eden D210XLT. I want to replace the speakers with the new XST's. How well will this work? Will it still have more low end response?

  2. It will work, but the only advantage will be that the power handling of the cabinet will increase. The low end response is more the cabinet than the speakers, you would need to re-engineer the cab.

    Sorry dude, the only way to get the lows of the XST is to get the XST.
  3. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    The crack dealer is right.

    He got me hooked on the 210XST a while back and Im pretty sure he realizes Ill be comming back for some more.

    Just drop the extra bucks for the cab, you wont regret it.

  4. :bawl: :bawl: :bawl: :bawl:

    Y'all are so mean to me!!!


    ...hey Nick, you comin' to the BC GTG???
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    can you use a "subharmonic" octaver with the XST?
  6. Munjibunga

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    Besides, I don't think Eden will sell you the XST drivers. I know a dealer who tried to get some for a guy who wanted to do exactly the same thing. No dice.
  7. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    AHHH.... Ill try.

    When is it anyways? Ill have to check with my managers at GC to see if I can get a day or two off to check it out.

    Just the other day I met a guy at work who is a customer of BC. He's actually using an Ashdown subharmonizer and I recommended he check out the XST line for his set up even though we dont carry Eden anymore.

    Its solid low end response should work well to bring out a lot more of that beef you get with the subharmonizer system than most cabs.

  8. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    w00t, eden stuff is made in some pole barn in my state, w00t!
  9. I believe your right. I emailed for price days ago and so far no response.

    I've never been fully sold on my cab. I use it as a practice cab at home. When I practice with my band, I'm using a Goliath II 4x10. It's super low in comparison to the 2x10, and the deep rich sound is what I prefer. That's probably just the nature of comparing 2 totally different cab's.

    In the music store I thought the Eden sounded really good, but when I got it home it was a little more mid-range than I prefer. It really makes my fretless bright, and that bass doesn't need any help in that dept.

    The Eden really cuts through when used as a compliment with the 4x10, but I'd really like to get a deeper sound if possible. Anyone for trade up's?