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Edgar Meyer in Chicago - 4/22 and 4/25

Discussion in 'Bassists [DB]' started by Dr_Atomic, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Edgar Meyer will be at the University of Chicago this month for the following events:

    April 24, 7:30 - Recital with Amy Dorfman
    Program to include works by Bach and Meyer.

    April 25, 8:00 - Concert with the University Symphony
    BRAHMS Variations on a Theme by Haydn
    BOTTESINI Concerto Nr. 2
    MEYER Concerto Nr. 1

    (Open rehearsals on April 22 and 23 at 7:30)

    More information here:
  2. Bass Barrister

    Bass Barrister

    Nov 4, 2004
    I was not there on April 22 but have heard that Mr. Meyer noticed some damage to his bass just before the rehearsal started, necessitating an emergency visit to luthier Scott Henrie and his absence from the rehearsal.

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