SOLD EFE D*A*M Dope Priest (Circuit Type #7)

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    Really great bass fuzz, but I’m liking a few other fuzzes more currently so I’d like to let this go. I am the original owner. I removed the rubber feet to apply velcro but they’re included in the original box.

    Replica of mid to late 70s EHX big muff pi. This pedal has never been gigged, basically mint condition outside of velcro. See pictures.

    Dimensions: 6-3/4” x 4-5/8” x 2-3/16”

    Possibly open to trades of equal value.

    $195 shipped to CONUS.

    DFF92EA3-6259-4E05-9F8E-DD4A349656F3.jpeg 23B16BCA-1998-45DA-B2EE-7132E6C61478.jpeg D47849F9-3369-4718-87D3-79586DB7BE48.jpeg 667562EB-4C8C-4120-8B84-8B53608F2CDA.jpeg F0289D8A-E4AE-4F1D-8259-9D1875D66687.jpeg C50D0420-5DEC-41EF-82DD-A99DBBF09F74.jpeg 130BFC54-424E-4D0B-8964-976391683675.jpeg 92DC7F02-AA7B-469E-A40A-639052785ECE.jpeg
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