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Effect Buzz

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ImNotGeddyLee, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. I recently plugged in my Boss Chorus, Dunlop Bass Crybaby, Boss Bass Overdrive, Boss Flanger, and MXR Phase 90 and noticed a fair amount of background noise. What would be the easiest way to fix this? II also had my Zoom 506 plugged in and recieved A LOT of noise so that piece of crap was pulled quickly. Im selling that toy. Anyway, what would be the best way to go; best order to set them up, the use of the Effect inputs and outputs on the back of my GK 800 as opposed to the direct input, or should i try getting some sort of Noise Reducer or whatever their called? You guys have been very helpful this past month or two with my effect help and would appreciate your input.
  2. generally, dynamic-based effects, those that sound different depending on how hard you play, go first. then comes distortion-type effects, then stuff like chorus. i'm not familiar with your particular effects, but use that as a basis for experimentation. whether you use an effects loop is a matter of personal taste. i think that the noise will be negligible when playing live, but if not, try fooling with the settings on the pedals, and try each of the pedals seperately to find what's making the noise. finally, try getting a box that lets you split your signal, and make one clean path (flanger, chorus) and a dirty path (distortion).
  3. Actually all of the efx you have listed should be run before the amp and not in the loop. As a general rule rack mounted fx are designed to work in the efx loop. There will almost always be a little tone change when you run a long efx chain, it's called insertion loss, but there shouldn't be a lot of noise. If you are getting a lot of noise check your cables and in/out jacks for damage. Remember that when using a gain device distortion/overdrive/compressor and you have noise in the chain it will be gained as well. Using a unified power supply, line driver or loop selector might help you combat the noise factor too.

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