SOLD Effectrode LA-1A

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    Ok, this is tough. People around here know I love compressors. There’s another thread about that. :) But alas, I’m clearing some funds for gear related purchases. My compressor shootout and tube DI/preamp have been very expensive. I’m not gigging much these days either.

    Effectrode LA-1A

    In many ways I consider the LA-1A to be the holy grail of all compressors and I WILL buy another someday. But at this moment I will have to sacrifice. It is in like new condition other than velcro on the bottom. Original box and power cord included as well as original feet (never applied). A killer compressor.

    $425 shipped CONUS



    A6DCED59-7035-4F7E-9A34-B5420735B7C5.jpeg 975F92B9-B0DC-47D5-BD39-8CA08A9663AC.jpeg CD767BF1-3CA3-43AF-AAEF-469E54F06B1D.jpeg
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    Oh man. What an act of selflessness for the low end. We are all grateful.
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    Forget velcro; my LA-1A is superglued to my pedal board! ;) That's how confident I am that it ain't going anywhere.
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