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  1. Hello friends! Just need some insight on what seems the best way to arrange my current pedal setup....

    Bass----wireless----tuner-----drop tune pedal----mxr m180 compressor---- sansamp DI----amp

    I plan to place an mxr smart gate, either a Dunlop bass wah or the Cliff Burton signature power wah fuzz....and a rat proco distortion in the chain... What would be the best arrangement? What can go into the effects loop and what can stay on my regular signal chain line input? I've been told that noise suppressor and or gates should go through my effects loop... How true is this....please help!
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    Swimming Bird

    Apr 18, 2006
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    That is totally up to you and really depends on which of these you get, what you want to use them for, what combos you're looking to use, etc. The trickiest part you mentioned is the noise gate - I gotta say I don't think I would put one in the amp's effect loop unless I were running a highly distorted amp. It also makes a difference if you're trying to cut down on overall noise caused by pickups or gain pedals vs if you are trying to get a metal guitar style chugga chugga/gate sound going.

    I use a noise reducer before my MXR Bass Comp. My logic is that I'm using the MXR to emphasize my attack and increase volume, so I want there to be no noise when possible going into it unless I'm playing. This spot in the chain gives me a happy medium of reducing the overall noise level and getting chugga sounds. All said, I never did try it in the FX loop, so I'll definitely try a few new spots before next practice.