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  1. I don't normally use effects with my Fender P through my SWR SuperRedhead, but I'm currently using an Akai Deep Impact SB-1. I keep the SB-1 in the effects loop, but it is normally turned off. I use cheapo 10' long shielded cables in the loop with the Dry/Wet mix nob at 12 o'clock for a 50/50 blend.

    With the SB-1 off I've noticed that I get a much better tone with the effects loop set 50/50 versus puting the effects loop to 100% dry or 100% wet. Blended 50/50 the sound seems to be thicker with more bite and a more pleasing high end tone.

    How can this be possible? I'm wondering if the wet signal has a slight bit of phase shift that is thickening the sound? I should also mention that the gain increases a bit at the 50/50 position...and that always sounds better.
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    I'm thinking this may be a combination of the impedance on the FX loop and the bypassed tone of the SB1. If I remember correctly, the SB1 doesn't have a true bypass, so you signal is still passing through the circuit. Most times you get some high end and low end roll off with non-true bypass pedals, so perhaps what you are getting is a blend of two different tones.
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