Effects on an eub?

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    I am new here and new to the eub world as well so if this has already been discussed please find it in your heart to have pity on me.:)

    I have been playing an electric bass for years and thought since I knew the neck it wouldn't be too difficult to learn an upright. Man was I mistaken.

    I purchased a NS and I am contemplating getting a small effects processor, like a zoom multistomp or similar. I think I would like to try adding a little compression, reverb and possibly a little chorus.

    Anyway my question (this time anyway) is this: Is it worth trying out? or should I just concentrate on technique?

    I read the " making an eub sound like an upright" post but didn't really get the answer I was looking for. And yes, that is the purpose for wanting an effects unit.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I use an old analogue Boss CE2b with my Aria and sounds great. Seems to add a bit of acousticness!
    Although a lot of people say you shouldn't I always use a Sansamp with a touch of drive. Fattnens the sound up beautifully.
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    If your goal is making the NS sound more like an upright, I would put a legit set of URB strings on the bass, and raise the bridge. That is going to get you a better URB sound, although Mark Gollihur puts it best, in that "the best a EUB is going to do is sound like an URB through a pickup."

    If your goal is making a lot of noises and sounds that won't be URB related, by all means get those effects! I run my NS through a lot of different things to get sounds that wouldn't be traditionally possible, or sound that good with only piezos.