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Effects that are actually musical but not exactly fun

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Bigfeet, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. I know we've complained about the Boss SYB-3 allot, but listening to my Adema and Korn (so what if Fieldy sucks, I like their noise) CDs I've noticed it has a sound that fits into progressive/modern music very well.

    This brings up a new question, or debate. An effect should be useful and/or fun to play around with? It's more of a gearhead question, to sacrafice tweakablity for something musical and easy to apply into the songs. There are some effects that you would keep for personal toys but never take into the studio or on a gig.
  2. I think effects should be more fun than business. The more tweaking and strange fun to be had, the better.
  3. Effects are an addition, not a replacement.

    period ! :D
  4. Actually, that's an exclaimation point. :D :p

    (using this as only a rhetoric example)
    That's a good point, but the sound of my EH BMS doesn't fit in very well with my industrial music style, sure it was perfect for the days of acid jazz and 60's trip rock gigs. But the sound of the SYB-1 is much more progressive, and fits into more agressive forms of music. It's no secrete that the EH BMS sounds much fatter and warm then the SYB-3 and is allot more fun to play around with, but the overall effect that you get from the SYB-3 is much more musical (i.e. applicable) to those modern genres, lacking of girth or not.
  5. Don't get me wrong - to me, effects are fine in the proper context and controlled by judicious use.

    BUT, what you hear on your CD's is Disneyworld. It's not reality, (although there are exceptions like the Talkbass Pro's who do it "real"). The studio willl take a fargin' $40 Danelectro effect and make it sound golden.

    Moreover, when you get that major label-money behind you, or to the status of a Marcus Miller, those boxes are tweaked big time by sound techs to the point where they often barely resemble what Joe Citizen is trying out at the local Guitar Center.

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