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  1. Ok, I've been thinking alot about trading effects recently. I don't think there should be a specific "trades" forum but...

    There's alot of trades going on amongst the effects guys so I think a stickied thread at the top of the "effects & pedals for sale" forum (or even the effects forum) would be perfect. I think the thread should be quite heavily moderated. People should only be allowed one post each, stating what they have to trade and what they're looking for, where they are willing to ship etc. All deals should take place by PM and posters simply edit there post to delete the items that have gone.

    I think this would be a great place for people who are only looking to trade their effects (not sell them) to get something new. What do you guys reckon? I'm not really convinced this would work for basses and amps :eyebrow:.
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    hey atleast their is a seperate pedals forum from other accessories... you can tell sales from trades or both by FS, FT and FS/FT
  3. That's true but I was thinking of like a big ol' trade tent...
  4. David Wilson

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    I think the existing for sale/trade forums work just fine for this
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    The thing to remember is, talkbass is talkbass... not just the effects subforum. Embrace the community and post things where they belong, in this case... the sale/trade forums.
  6. I'm not suggesting for a second that talkbass revolves around the effects forum. I'm kind of shocked that you took it as that to be honest. It was simply a suggestion in the "suggestion box". Nothing more, nothing less. As you said, "embrace the community" and I couldn't agree more but I personally believe that a community is reliant on input from everyone. I wasn't trying to cause upset, I was just throwing an idea out there that I've seen working well on other forums. Perhaps it wouldn't fit in so well with the Talkbass community but if it was there, I do think it would be used.

    As I say, it was just a suggestion. I would rather be told that it's a reasonable idea but wouldn't work on Talkbass than be told it was wrong which is what's happened here. I didn't set out to cause any conflict and be told (indirectly) that I am not embracing the community of this forum. After all that community sets Talkbass apart from other forums.

    I appreciate that alot of work goes into keeping Talkbass afloat and I am thankful for that but I think the place is changing. I'm here to talk about bass related topics with people I can relate to. There's more and more off topic posts appearing which have nothing to do with any aspect of music. I'm not suggesting we oppose the change because I know as well as everyone else that change happens.

    Sorry if anything I've said is out of line but I've been holding it in for a while and being reminded about embracing the community made me realise that I have a place in the community (which I value to no end) and my opinion should be heard (and listened to) with equal esteem as everyone else in the community. I think the suggestion box was the right place to say all of this.

    I'm not entirely passionate about the whole effects trading idea so I can deal with the fact that it's not going to happen. So be it. I'm not angry or upset; just voicing my opinion. Everyone's got one and I think that they should all be heard.

    If any of the mods reading this think that this post is unreasonable, I apologise. Feel free to edit or remove it as you see fit. At least I'll have the assurance of knowing that someone has read what I've got to say.

    I think I've said enough for now...
  7. grygrx

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    Sorry, if I speak in the active voice. I didn't mean to offend. I was trying to voice my opinion on the topic, not attack you.
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    FWIW I like the current state of things, with the FS section having an effects-specific subsection, in which we may sell or trade.