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    Jan 4, 2001
    not sure where to put this so ill let you mods decide for me, thanks.
    anyway i was asked by a friend to play bass for his band....so me being the "ill play anything except slipknot" person i am i acepted. i took my amp, bass, lead guitar and zoom 202 effects blah thingy that is for lead guitar. he is an awesome guitarist and he loves heavy metal. he wanted me to tell him what i thought of the stuff he wrote and he started playing something he wrote within the last few days.....it was amazing! i could not beleive there was that much talent in this kids fingers. he asked me to think of a bassline for it and after watching where he was playing i put one together and he was blown away, ive been told by many people that i sound amazing when i just sit and play but i thought they were only really being kind. he said i should put some effects to it and put my bass through my lead guitar effects pedal.

    Question: is it safe and stuff to run bass through a lead guitar effects pedal.

    im only on 4 strings so i think it is and it sounds fine. well he put four or five effects on this thing and we eventually put most of this thing together. drums and all it was amazing, id played with other guys before and they suck compared to what we were putting together today. so is it fine or not really to put bass through a lead guitar effects unit.
  2. It's safe.. but it sounds like hell :(
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    I think this one would be more fitting in the Effects forum, so off it goes.