Ego Checking

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  1. This is kind of hard for me to organize into a question.....

    I frequently run into THAT musician that while a great player never seems to be playing with anyone or when they are playing a gig... I notice is that they appear to be playing to impress other musicians instead of really supporting the song....on stage it comes in the form of; over playing...playing WAY outside...constant noodling between songs along with playing licks of songs that the group is NOT playing to see if another musician will recognize it... etc.

    I have even recorded this to bring to their player was shocked and realized how much it took away from the overall performance and another got mad and we have not spoken since....

    How do you deal with this? .....or are you one of the guilty? I don't expect an answer to the second

  2. Musicians - in this case bass players, but it certainly applies to other instrumentalists - generally fall into two categories. The cats that get called back for more gigs, and those that don't. You pretty much just described the second one. To me, the best judge of my playing is whether or not I get asked back. I always try to put myself in that first line...sometimes it's long, other times it can be much shorter. :D

    So, I know this sounds a bit Darwinian, but I tend to keep my mouth shut and potentially land the gig for myself. :) If, however, the fellow musician is a friend and has invited feedback, I'll provide it...hoping for the same in return. I play a bit too busily at times, and it's nice to get objective information from someone with a good set of ears. In your case above, I'd guess that the first fellow is grateful and has landed many more gigs as a result.