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EH Micro Bass Synth

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ThePaste, Dec 25, 2000.

  1. How was everyone's experience with this pedal?

    I guess it has great "replayability" and customizability. Its only real downside for me is its high price. Maybe someone could recomend a cheaper synth like it?
  2. eddie eyeball, bass player for 2 Skinnee J's, uses one. he told me it's the only effect he uses and it sounds fantastic, well worth the price. of course, he's got a nice little ampeg setup and a stringray, so i would prioritize and upgrade those things first. but i'm dying to try one myself.
  3. I've had one for several months now and IMO is is one of the coolest things I've got. It is capable of more sounds than I will ever use it's quiet and a lot of fun. My only caveat is that if you don't take care of your stuff don't spend your money cause this ain't gonna take a lot of abuse.
  4. Why do they cost so much?
  5. Lots of parts and lots of labor. From what I and my very particular repair buddy (he builds the AusTone pedals) can tell it is also very well built using better than average parts.
  6. There is a Boss one that's about $120 cheaper. And I was under the impression that Boss was one of the best, good parts, good labor, stuff like that. So EHX just is more expensive...Oh well.
  7. Psste you may have the needle like fingers needed to use the Boss SYB, I Don't. The EH is a lot easier to use and change sounds than the Boss. Plus you are talking 2 completely different things analog as opposed to micro circuits.
  8. You lost me with the analog and stuff like that, please could you explain?
  9. The EH pedal is built just like it was 25 years ago when introduced, using the same kinds of diodes triodes and early chip technology, The Boss uses microcircuitry to achieve a similar result but in a smaller package with a lot less parts.. Kind of like the difference between tubes and solid state, both are good.
  10. Do they sound the same? Because I just love the synth sound, doesn't really matter if there are slight changes. Just if the over-all synth is still there. :)
  11. It sounds the same to me but I don't have one of the originals to compare it with any more, it was stolen years ago. It will get phat synth tones for bass lines and also some blistering lead synth sounds for solos.