ehhh i need some advice, throw me some wisdom

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  1. i have many questions...any and all input is appreciated....

    im looking for a good natural sound with deep warm growl cause i want nice some natural distortion, nothing too nasaly. i use alot of pop, slap and chords, so i think that my hartke brings out my higher end really well. i already have an ampeg b2 1x15 combo, but im looking for more wattage and just a better sound, my poor head has alot of milage on that @$$, its been thru alot.

    first off what does anyone think about mixing an ampeg svt-215E with my hartke 8x10 XL-series?

    my hartke is an 8ohm'er and the ampeg im looking at is a 4ohm'er(i think) could this present a problem and how?

    if they are compatable, what should i look for in a head so that i can get the most out my sound, the only head i have really been looking at is a hartke 7000, any suggestions?

    what is:
    frequency response
    useable low frequency
    RMS handling
    program handling

    and what should i look for in those specs.

    i have more questions but ill lay off for right now. i appreciate any info at all, im about to make some major purchases and i really want to be informed before i fry something and im not gonna wait till i get to the store where some guy is gonna sell me what ever he can push off on me. thanks everyone and this site is the (place profane word here), i love it, sorry for the long post.