EHX Big Muff (US)

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Pantsman, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. What a pile of junk!! :scowl: i went in to the local, to buy a Russian Big Muff Pi and they had sold it 3 hours earlier, i had my eye on that for months!!! so i decided to test the US model they had there, i dunno what was wrong with it but it sound dreadful!!

    I couldn't get a single useable tone, *sigh* guess i just have to wait for them to get another russian, and hope it sounds as good as the last one they had (which sounded insanely good!!!)

    I also tested a Hartke 115 combo, not bad, but still not what i am looking for in an amp, just not my sound ... ahh when will i find my tone :bawl:
  2. Russian muffs rule the pool. People say how the US one is better; bull%^&*, in my opinion. the US one is built a little more solidly (metal jacks) but the russian one sounds better. If it was good enough for ol' cliff it should be good enough for anyone.
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    IMHO they are both crap. :bag:
  4. I got my Russian Muff on ebay for about 50 bucks, so check there if you dont want to wait on your local shop.