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EHX, Boss, TC Electronics Pedals FS!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Seyton, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. TCE NOVA REVERB IS NOW £120/$190!

    Howdy folks!

    Thinning out the herd to make some room for new pedals so these have got to go! All prices are OBO. Also please note this sale originates in the UK so please remember to factor in shipping costs.

    All pedals, unless otherwise noted, are in used condition with minor scratches etc. I take good care of my gear but they are used. More pics available on request!

    Also, original boxes, manuals, PSU's etc. are not included unless otherwise noted.


    TCE Nova Reverb


    Probably the best reverb pedal i've ever heard; does all sorts of convincing room types etc. Also has the great dynamix which comes in handy for bass. Selling because i've just recently got an RV-3 and prefer it's built-in delay-reverb combo, so this has to go. This does not come with a UK PSU, it's the US one. You can either use an adapter or alternatively just buy the UK one off ebay :p Great condition, a few scratches around the control knobs at the top if you hold it up to a light. [DEL]£140/$218[/DEL] NOW £120/$190!

    [DEL]EHX Q-Tron+

    Great filter, a hell of a lot of great sounds in this one and i'm only letting it go reluctantly. This is the version with the sweep up/down switch that the newer version seems to have done away with, for some reason. This one has some scratches and chips on the paintwork on the face of the pedal, nothing too major but it is visible. Comes with PSU. [DEL]£60/$95[/DEL] NOW £50/$80!


    First up, EHX HOG + foot switch.



    Great pedal, does sometruly amazing things with the freeze and gliss functions, I don't really think there's anything else out there quite like it. The HOG has some minor scratches on the front side, and one or two scuffs on its face around where the sliders move; the footswitch has some paint scraped off on the backside. Comes with PSU.

    To get these two new would cost around £360, i'm looking for something in the region of [DEL]£220/$343[/DEL] NOW £200/$315!

    Boss ML-2

    Great pedal for heavy distortion, if a bit noisy on the higher-gain settings. Sounds great on a low-gain with lots of mids, works really well for metal and hard rock. Two scratches on the front side under the footswitch, but otherwise perfect. £30/$46


    Boss CEB-3

    Good chorus pedal, a little too subtle for my tastes so looking for something else. Several shallow scratches in the paintwork on the left and right sides. Open to trades, let me know what you have, otherwise £30/$46

    EHX #1 Echo

    Good little delay, no frills and sounds good. Again, with the getting the RV-3 this is surplus so has to go. Has one scratch on the face through the top of the h in echo, but apart from that is fine. Comes with PSU. These are right up to £84 on GuitarGuitar but I definitely didn't pay that much when I bought mine from them, so £30/$46[/DEL]
  2. Tuesday night bump for price drops! come on folks, don't make me go to the bay!
  3. magnus90


    Dec 21, 2007
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Do you have an Ebay account? For feedback purposes.
  4. The Q-tron is now sold, just the NR left now. Would prefer to get the last pedal sold on here rather than go to ebay...
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