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EHX/Foxx: Buy my phasers!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by bigchiefbc, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. All prices include shipping in continental 48. Outside of that, buyer pays actual shipping minus 10 dollars. Paypal only.

    Electro Harmonix Stereo Polyphase - One of the most versatile phasers on the planet. All analog, optical phaser. Start/Stop knobs let you control the sweep for any frequency range. LFO mode has normal triangle and square-wave mode. Envelope phasing, with two speeds, and you can sweep either up or down. Expression mode, where you can sweep the phase shift like a wah pedal. Includes EHX 24V power supply. SOLD!

    Foxx Foot Phaser - Reissue of the famous vintage phaser used by Brian May among others. Has a depth knob, plus 4 different speed ranges, and the treadle controls the speed within each range. It also has a manual mode, where you can sweep the phaser like a wah. I will include the 2.5 mm to 2.1mm barrel converter that lets you plug into a 1spot or any of the other standard adapters. SOLD!!!!!

  2. Salivating over that Foxx. Free bump, that thing is super cool.
  3. jole


    Feb 10, 2010
    Syd, AU
    And foxxy, too - I bet it purrs when you turn it on.
  4. both sweet, and good deals too. alas, not the time for me
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Foxx Foot Phaser is sold! Bump for the Polyphase.
  7. BDUMP
  8. Price drop on the Polyphase!
  9. One more price drop. Come on, don't make me eBay it!
  10. One last price drop, can't go ANY lower than this. This is DIRT cheap, guys!
  11. jole


    Feb 10, 2010
    Syd, AU
    Stop tempting me dammit! I just bought a phase 90 from here...
  12. Trades?
  13. d180fuzz

    d180fuzz C21H30O2

    Jul 10, 2008
    West Los, CA
    pm sent on polyphase...

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