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EHX Freeze getting warm?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by King Weapon, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. King Weapon

    King Weapon

    Sep 20, 2005
    Brooklyn, NY
    Hey all! So I've been using the Freeze for the last few months and I absolutely love the thing! Last night during practice, I was fiddling with the knob and noticed the Freeze was very warm. Now this is my first EHX pedal (I mainly use Boss and Aguilar, and have never experienced this).

    I don't use the EHX adapter, but power it with the Voodoo Labs PP2 (in slot 5, which VL said works for EHX pedals.
  2. Yea you'll be fine. I've noticed some of my digital pedals do get warm but just a little warmer.
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  3. Swimming Bird

    Swimming Bird

    Apr 18, 2006
    Wheaton MD
    What's the current draw supposed to be?
  4. Pacodelivery

    Pacodelivery Supporting Member

    May 25, 2014
    Better watch out or you might have a thaw on your hands!
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  5. King Weapon

    King Weapon

    Sep 20, 2005
    Brooklyn, NY
    I realized the invitation to a pun once I wrote my Subject haha
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  6. King Weapon

    King Weapon

    Sep 20, 2005
    Brooklyn, NY
    I'm not sure what the draw of the pedal is, just that VL said to use outlets 5 or 6

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