EHX Hot Tubes Bass settings???

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  1. Eedwards7891


    Dec 11, 2017
    I recently picked up the EHX Hot tubes nano pedal, and I am trying to dial in a good sound. I don't want the farty overdriven tube sound . I just want it to have a slightly driving, bright tone I can run all the time , as an overall tone boost.

    I will use this pedal in two bands - one playing stoner in C tuned down to A#, and in standard for a cover band .

    I also would appreciate any advice on my existing setup (see pictures). All that is missing is a loop pedal in between the hot tubes and the silencer, to use my MicroPog and Bass big Muff pi deluxe in an exclusive distortion loop.

    Thank you for your advice !

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  2. Standalone


    Jan 17, 2005
    New Haven
    It just does that squared out distortion so well, I think that’s the best use for it. Think of it as a bit synthy and you’ll find uses for it. Great in a loud band context.

    This thread looked lonely in a search so I answered it.
  3. I find the Hot Tubes to be a very dynamic + useful pedal from adding a bit of warmth or boost, a tone control all the way thru woman or brown sound. I am always tinkering with mine depending on the vibe I need from the efx chain. Bypassing the tone stack really opens up the gain so you might try that with lower gain settings for the tone your after.

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