SOLD EHX Micro POG (JHS Quadrapog Modded)

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    SOLD EHX Micro POG with JHS Quadrapog Mod.
    $200 SOLD

    This mod gives you four POG settings instead of one.
    1 - Standard POG controls, mix, octave down, octave up (top footswitch)
    2 - Extra octave down (left footswitch)
    3 - Extra octave up (right footswitch)
    4 - Combine first three (standard POG with additional octave up and octave down)

    Pedal is essentially new (two pieces of velcro on bottom). Bought it just to try but it does more than I need. Sounds great and is very flexible. Feed a fuzz box before it and an envelope filter before or after and go crazy!
    Comes with original manufacturer's box, original power supply, literature and original little rubber feet. (The mod disables use with a battery. Must plug it in. I used a one-spot and it is fine).

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