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EHX Poly Phase

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by arther daily, Oct 25, 2000.

  1. It's me... I'm back.

    Right the old man fixed my Poly Phase (I bought it broken), the phase works fine but I'm not sure about the envelope control?

    If anyone has one, how strong should the effect be?

    Mine sounds like a phaser that's triggered by the sound played - like an envleope - I'm guessing this is what it's supposed to do, but i dont really know?

  2. anybody out there?
  3. Well I dont know exactly about that pedal, but since it is an envelope filter, you can probably adjust treshold and attack time at least? But my main advice is just to fiddle it around a lot and try all combinations .. probably you will find something you like. You can check out Electro Harmonix homepage for som sound samples of their current pedals. Good Luck!
  4. thing is it aint a current pedal, it's actually pretty rare and they're not made any more.

    i fonda site called 'EH Man' - with a chat group dedicated to EHX effects! Some guy on there said that by my description the pedal was inworking order.

    it's not an envelope filter, its an phaser with envelope control - basically the phase effcte can be constant'y sweeping or triggered by the intensity of the sound played, like and envelope.

    anyhow, fronayone hwo needs infop on old EHX effects, here's the URL



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