EHX Stereo Polyphase designed by L Sound and Mike Beigel (Mutron)

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  1. I got this off of the L sound website. Pretty cool huh? No wonder the thing sound so good.:)

    If you don't know who Mike Beigel is, he is the designer of the Original Musitronics Mutron III. We all know what a gem that is:)

    L Sound is a company that does Effects Pedal repairs and does most of it's work on vintage Mutron Products.

  2. JanusZarate

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    Feb 21, 2006
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    Wow... that's pretty cool!

    BTW, did you notice the "calibrated" Micro Q-Tron they have? I wonder how it sounds, since it's been tweaked to match the top frequency of a Mutron...
  3. i didn't notice that before. that's pretty cool. i bet that thing sounds pretty good.
  4. im surprised no one else has commented on this.:confused:
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    That wicked sucks actually. I was all set on crossing this off my list. And look what you come up with! Now its back on the list. Dammit...