SOLD Eich T-1000 Lower price/trade update!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by ted burik, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. ted burik

    ted burik Supporting Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    San Rafael CA
    PRICE LOWERED/For Sale/Trade: Eich T-1000 bass amp

    Selling my 1 year old Eich T-1000. I'm the original owner-used as a backup amp, it's been on a couple of gigs and otherwise kept clean in my smoke-free home studio. Incredible amp in great condition, 1000 watts at 4 ohms and only 5 lbs! Only selling as I have too many amps. Will ship in original box with soft Eich amp bag, rack mount kit, and AC power cord.

    • Preamp: solid state preamp with gain, taste, lo, lomid, himid, hi, master controls, switchable mute, DI pre/post, XLR balanced DI out, serial effects loop, tuner out, line out, line in, line/effect mix, switchable -10dB input, attack time, compressor, bass boost, hi boost, mute and compressor footswitch out
    • OUTPUT RMS: 2 x 500 w (2 ohms), 1 x 1000 w (4 ohms) bridged mode
    • Power Amp: Class D amplifier module, separate volume control for CH-A and CH-B and bridged mode option
    • Power Supply: switching power supply
    • Output: Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack
    • Cooling: high quality temperature controlled fan with "DAS“ Direct-Airflow-System
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D):10.7" x 3.2" x 9.9"
    • WEIGHT: 5.24 lbs
    I'm lowering the price again-$925 (was $1050) shipped CONUS-PayPal OK-will trade for a Bergantino HDN112 cab or Fender Amer Stnd/AVRI Precision 4-string. Please PM me to start a conversation. Thanks for looking!

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  2. Sm_ill


    Jun 8, 2017
  3. Sm_ill


    Jun 8, 2017
  4. ted burik

    ted burik Supporting Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    San Rafael CA
    Now considering trades for a Bergantino HDN112 or Fender American Standard or AVRI Precision 4-string. 1000 watts of power weighing in at 5lbs-incredible amp!
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  5. Nomad5

    Nomad5 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 23, 2010
    Dallas, Texas
    PM coming re trade
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