Electric Bass/Guitar Hybrid on one neck?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by pickingandproud, May 20, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if any hybrids of electric bass and guitar exist wherein all the strings are on one neck, with only 4-8 strings, and with a high amount of frets? Like 30-36 frets? I know about the Chappman stick which has like 10-12 strings and all on one neck with the standard amount of frets, but I think the neck is to wide for any real on stage performances. I think having all the strings on one neck with lots of frets, and possibly a longer neck to compensate for the fact that the frets would have to get so small, would be very useful to have, especially with a capo. you just whack it on the 12th fret and hey! instant guitar (funny sounding guitar but meh).
    So does anything like this exist? Pictures would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can find tons of players who use Stick's live. What are you trying to accomplish with this instrument? Higher frets than 24 get cramped and hard to accurately play. A 24 fret 8 string tuned EADGCFBbEb would cover the same range as a P bass and a Tele guitar, plus a couple extra.
  3. *facepalm*
    do you think I didn't already know that? Did I ask you to tell me more about other instruments that do the same thing? No. I asked if anyone has seen a bass that has a very high amount of frets. I take you have not seen one.

    I don't want an 8 string or anything like that, because, like I have already stated, I find the neck to wide to play.
  4. In that case, no.
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    That's a bit of a harsh/rude response there friend, no real call for that

    In answer to your question, I have neither seen, nor heard of, what you're describing. Please don't shout at me! :help:

    Edit: I remember seeing a bass here and the owner said it had something like 37 frets, but the fretboard tapered towards the middle strings, so not all strings had all 37 frets
  6. o5tio.jpg

    Conklin will build one with however many or few strings or frets you want. Zon may build a fretted Hyperbass, idk.
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  7. I know of one ----

    but from the rude and immature reply you gave ...

    I hope you were just having a bad day and will apologize....
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    +1 on wow.
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