SOLD Electrical Guitar Company Series 2 Aluminum/Acrylic Bass - LF Travis Bean or Wal

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    Apr 5, 2018
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    New Jersey
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    A few months ago I took ownership of this EGC Series 2 bass that I ordered way back in 2018. It is a unique bass: it can be either super clear or aggressive, but I've yet to really "connect" with it besides how it looks. It sounds great with pick/fingers/tapping, but slap on it sound unexpectedly cool, which was a big surprise to me.

    The bass is string-thru, dual humbucker (vol/tone for each pup and a 3 way pup switch), has Schaller straplocks, and comes with its OHSC.

    I'm interested in fretted Wal basses of any kind. Obviously, this would be a trade towards one, not a 1-to-1 swap. I recognize the value of both. For now, I am not interested in selling outright.

    I am also interested in a Travis Bean 2000.

    Message me with any questions or a demo. If this ad is up the offer is still on the table.


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  2. Dougflores


    Jan 18, 2017
    What a sweet bass! A shame I can’t offer anything towards your trade for a Wal. If you ever do decide on selling outright please keep me in mind! Would love a chance to get my hands on it!
  3. kulit17

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    Sweet looking bass! Just FYI though "most" Wal owners would not part with their Wal for any other basses - myself included. If they are forced to let it go its typically for monetary reasons. You might be better off selling your bass and keeping a cash fund available and waiting for one that goes for sale. The way Wals are selling, you need to be the first one to hop on it before its gone......

    Cool looking Alembic though!
  4. Khrist92

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    Apr 5, 2018
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    Most, I'm sure. But, one has to hope...
  5. TimBosby

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    This. Is. So. Cool.

    These are really hard to get, from my understanding. Matt Armstrong from Murder by Death (fantastic bassist of a fantastic band by the way) has one. Granted a bit different than this one, but still cool as hell. He shows it off toward the beginning of this video:

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  6. Khrist92

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    Apr 5, 2018
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    Bump, I am also interested in Travis Bean 2000 / Wedge.