Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz Question

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TOOL460002, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. anyone used the electroharmonix graphic fuzz pedal? if you have one- can you tell me the frequency range on the eq (couldnt read numbers off pics of the pedal)- and whether or not it is very effective for the bass.

    also- how aggressive is the fuzz on the pedal? im looking for a really evil sound- not just a mellow fuzziness. does the pedal preserve the low end well?

    right now- im using a sansamp bddi- splitting the signal- and using a boss hyperfuzz- then running both signals into a little mixer (then on to preamp). the hyperfuzz produces ****ty low end tone- so i cut that part out on the mixer- then i use the sansamp signal and boost the bass there to compensate.

    i realize this is a very messy and inefficient way to get a precise but distorted sound- so- im looking to consolidate to one pedal- hopefully the ehx fuzz.

    thanks for your help.

  2. I know somebody's got one of these. Up.