SOLD Electro Harmonix Micro POG

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    I bought this last year in my ongoing quest for the perfect octave pedal solution for my board.

    Works flawlessly and has served me well but I'm downsizing my board to make room for a possible HX Stomp. I'm not an active musician so this has never been gigged. Has a few little scratches on the face. Then last week I had a tragic Goof Off incident while removing the adhesive residue left behind when I removed the rubber feet from the back so I could apply Velcro. The Goof Off dripped down the side and across the face of the pedal. :crying:

    Smoke-free home.

    Asking $125 shipped but I'm open to offers!

    PXL_20211024_153353622.jpg PXL_20211024_153400960.jpg PXL_20211024_153407608.jpg PXL_20211024_153412586.jpg PXL_20211024_153418635.jpg
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