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Electro-Voice B410/B210/B115 (1990's), looking for pix

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by amper, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. amper


    Dec 4, 2002
    Does anyone have pictures of the Electro-Voice bass guitar cabinets that were made in the mid 1990's? There were three models that I know of the B410, B210, and B115. Excellent sounding cabs, if a bit large. I've only ever seen one of each in real life, but never at times when I had the money for them. I'd like pictures so I can keep them on file.
  2. amper


    Dec 4, 2002
    I actually have a pic of the B115 that I found on the Internet a long time ago...the other units look like it, but if anyone has better pix, I'd appreciate it.

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  3. I have original product literature of that product from EV (and I live in EV's former hometown - blast you Telex!). I just don't have a scanner or any way to get it out there. Sorry.
  4. gmreffkin


    Feb 3, 2009
  5. kraigo


    Jun 21, 2007
    Minneapolis, MN
    I live where EV moved to. I've got a bunch of EV mics and a friend/neighbor/coworker/occasional bandmate who used to work there.

    Bless you Telex.

  6. morebass!

    morebass! I'm all ears Supporting Member

    May 31, 2002
    Madison WI
  7. Band Dad

    Band Dad

    Dec 5, 2006
    San Mateo, CA
    I have an ADA 115 cab that uses an EV driver. Not an EV cab per se, but just as a matter of interest. Somewhere online I have bookmarked the EV factory spec sheet for this particular speaker. I'll look for it. Sorry no pics.
  8. Band Dad

    Band Dad

    Dec 5, 2006
    San Mateo, CA
  9. ihixulu

    ihixulu Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2000
    South Shore MA
    I used to own a B210. It was loaded with a pair of 10bx drivers in a rather large box.

    It was being stored in the basement of the house when we got hit with a massive rainstorm. The basement flooded and the cab, which was standing vertically on its side, took on some water; one driver was submerged halfway.

    As it turned out, the cab was made out of non waterproof OSB, and the side that got wet literally fell apart. I have since reconed the damaged driver and have loaded them in a cab that has the same volume and porting parameters but with the drivers staggered.

    Yes, it was a great sounding cab. I wish it had been made of plywood though.
  10. bottomend!


    Oct 23, 2007
  11. bonzothebssman


    Oct 12, 2009
    yeah, I own a B410 cab! 600w @ 8ohm,s. with flight case. Matter of fact it use to be Bruce Turgon's 1 of his 4 he use to have. THose EV's are probably about the most pro sounding you can get! matter of fact my flight case still say's B4 Foreigner and the carpet on the cab says stage left and B4 also. I saw a dude awhile ago on the net I beleive in Milwaukee wanted 200$ for a B410 good condition. they have no horn , there triple ported, speakon.1\4 inch jack optional.Irun alow down 300 to a crown XLS 202d and I flex my walls like a rib cage !!!!!!!!!!

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