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    For sale or possible trade (+/- cash). Electronic Audio Experiments Longsword latest version V3 in like new condition. Ships with all the original packaging, sticker, business card and manual. Awesome drive/distortion pedal. Currently unavailable.

    Possible Trade interests:
    Phat Phuk B
    Line Selector Pedals with two inputs
    Empress Effects Para EQ, Compressor, Super Delay
    iPad midi keyboard, controller, interface, mic stand etc...

    The Electronic Audio Experiments Longsword is yet another contender in the endless void of op-amp based drive pedals, but it is one that takes the topology in a novel direction. Cascaded gain stages allow for the full range from clean boost to massive distortion, all without sacrificing tonal flexibility. The equalizer combines bass and treble shelving filters with an active, semi-parametric midrange boost/cut control. This lets the user sculpt a diverse array of tones and carve out a niche in even the most dense of mixes. The Longsword has a broad frequency response which makes it work equally well with guitar, baritone guitar, and bass.


    • Level - output volume
    • Drive - go from clean boost to heavy overdrive
    • Low/High - James/Baxandall tone stack (shelving filters)
    • Mid - active midrange boost/cut
    • Freq - selects frequency controlled by Mid pot
    • Clip - selects between diodes to alter dynamics and headroom, with the following settings:
      • Right position: LED/MOSFET hybrid
      • Middle position: no diodes
      • Left position: "chef's choice", usually some hybrid of Silicon and NOS Germanium diodes
      • Boost - engages a pre-gain boost circuit with a moderate high pass and up to 20dB of gain, with a trimpot for internal adjustments
    This pedal comes in a powder-coated 1590BBM enclosure.

    Additional features include true bypass switching, a standard power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative), and top-mounted jacks.

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    May 16, 2018
    Is this still available?
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    Apr 17, 2009
    Louisville, KY
    Yes it is.
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    This looks cool. I’ve got a Nimbus to trade. Ya?