Electronic, experimental music - DI?

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  1. Doolz


    Oct 5, 2007

    Im in the process of setting up something small so i can record bass lines and so on to add onto programmed beats. I will mostly be recording on Logic Express 8 if that makes any difference...

    I was wondering if there was a particular DI that was good for this application/genre? I don't want something like the BDDI because i dont want amp simulation or tone coloration (im happy with all the sounds coming from my pedalboard haha)

  2. If you're happy with the sounds coming from the pedalboard, and don't need to doing any EQing/toneshaping with the DI, then the BDDI or similar will do just fine- when bypassed the DI is still active, but the EQ section is not, so you just get a clean unaffected signal to the computer. (unaffected by the BDDI anyway). If you do want EQing from the DI, then maybe something like the Tone Hammer or MXR or similar would do the trick as I think they are 'cleaner' EQ's. There are higher quality options that don't offer any onboard functionality other than DI'ing, but the difference in priceVSbenefit seems to decline pretty rapidly, especially in an application like yours or mine- recording stuff onto our computers at home.

    I just use the DI out of my amp into my interface. 'Electronic/experimental' isn't really narrowing things down much, though I'd say that any clean DI would do the trick, for the most part. Im doing stuff that you could call 'electronic' and I just use the DI out of my Markbass amp, or sometimes plug directly into my interface.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    yeah i suppose Electronic/experimental is pretty broad, my style is like Psytrance/Dnb/Dubstep/Breakbeat/8Bit/Hardstyle/Ambient and i do a bit of postrock as well.

    i worded the question kinda stupidly but got the answer i wanted, clean eqing. ill end up with the MXR most likely. I would go with amp di but i am going sans amp (;)) and will be using the DI so i can jam via sound system when not recording.
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    FWIW, many (though not all) computer audio interfaces already include a DI.