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electronic synth/punk band looking for feedback

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by oswaldvon, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hi

    being tired of dealing with full sized rock bands me and a friend decided to start playing as a duo.
    i play guitar and bass and my friend plays keyboards, programs drum machines and sings, we
    are thinking of putting some stuff out on vinyl and would like some feedback.

    is there anything you have to consider with mixing songs for a 7" or 10"?

    any kind of feedback would be much appreciated.

    thanks in advance

    disclaimer: if anybody is wondering about the band name, we are not communists and the band is
    not about politics, we just thought it would sound cool as a name
  2. chuck norriss

    chuck norriss Banned

    Jan 20, 2011

    Check out Bachsung on soundcloud. Also No Age--two-piece.
    M83 is really one guy but I think he performs w one other person.
    Yaz was two people. I guess you could say that for erasure too.
    Trans Am is my favorite synth post punk whatever the category .

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