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Electronics Help!

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Clay_Bass, May 14, 2006.

  1. OK so my beloved spector has been acting up. I really dont want to bring it back to guitar center and use my warantee because Im afraid they might just replace it with another one and frankly this is the best spector Ive ever played even compared to others of the same model. Everytime the bass is moved even very slightly theres a huge cracaling short type of noise. Sometimes little movements dont set it off but if I raise it up more than like half a foot from the previous position it makes the noise. Ive opened it up tightened all the screws and checked the solderings and nothing looks wrong I also had a friends dad who used to own a guitar shop look at it and he couldnt find it. Its not the cable or the amp or the battery because its done it on every amp Ive played and with a brand new cable and battery. I also dont want to send it back because I dont have another bass. Anyone have experience with using a warantee with guitar center and or spector? Do they replace it or just fix it and does guitar center have to send it back to the manufacturer? Anyhelp would be great.
  2. I dont think its the output jack because I made sure to tighten it up when i opened the back.

  3. It can still be the Jack if the internal connections on the Jack do not firmly mate with the plug.
    Open it up, plug a cord in and move the cord plug around and see if it crackles. If so, it might be fixed by adjusting the tension with some needle nose pliers on the jack prongs that mate with the cord plug.

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