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  1. I'm dying to get a BX 500 amp, so that I don't have to fire/warm up my SVT for small noodling sessions I do at home in between work & school.
    I've actually considered getting one of their bigger amps if I like the BX500 a great deal (like many of its owners do). I 've been looking at the BX2000 and the god-like amounts of power it dishes out. (2000 watts @ 2 ohms)

    My rig isn't that big, though...I'm probably not letting the SVT "breathe" enought either, by playing through an SWR Goliath II and Goliath II Jr. THe 4x10, I replaced the speakers in, and now it can handle 800 watts RMS. The 2x10 is all original (250 watt capacity). My total load is 2-ohms. I did this on purpose because the SVT runs at 4 or 2 ohms only.

    So anyhow, I've always understood that you should pretty much match amp output with speaker ratings, and leave yourself seme room...say if you have a 500 watt amp, you cab should be rated 500 watts or higher.

    So what do you do with a BX2000? will you blow up every speaker cabinet really easily? How would I be able to safely run 2000watts into my 2 itty bitty cabinets (rated at 1050 watts total)? Probably the best way to run that sucker is with 2 of their BRX 10.4 cabs (1200 watts and 4 ohms each). Probably not a good idea to run a cab rated at less wattage than the amp can dish out?

    The BX 1500 seems a bit more practical (power wise), but you can't run it bridged into 2 ohms. I've never bi-amped before so I'm not sure how that really sounds and if it works well using all 10" speakers.

    But anyway...I'm just thinking...I still haven't gotten a BX500 yet...:bag:
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    Well the rule of thumb for safety has been that your speakers should be rated 2x more than your amp, to allow for peaks.

    I think that your little speakers might not last too long if you get tempted to crank it past 2 or 3.

    Good luck!

  3. 2000 watts is the absolute maximum that the amp can put out. So crank it all the way up, then you have 2000 watts. Play it at 4 or 5 and hypothetically you're probably pushing 800 watts max (or whatever it may be).

    Will it blow out every speaker cabinet you put it on top of? No. Will it be easier to blow every cabinet you put it on top of? Yes.
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    It's more than enough for the cabs you have, but means that you won't need to buy another amp if/when you upgrade your cabs.
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    They should have a sticky about this :hyper:....oh wait....:bag:

    A 4000 watt amp puts out 0 (zero) watts with no signal going though it. The more turn up the amp the more power will be sent to your speaker cab if it is rated for 250 watts or 100,000 watts. Just have enough speakers (or cabs) to be as loud as you needs. :)