Elger, is it an Ibanez?

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  1. In the late 70's, I bought an Elger brand J-bass copy at a pawn shop for around $75.00. I never really played it until just a few months ago. (Top that for procrastination.) At the time the guy told me it was made by Ibanez. It's obviously not high quality, but it plays really well and sounds pretty good too. Has anyone ever heard of Elger? Could it be any Ibanez made guitar? Did Ibanez make good guitars back then?
  2. mpc


    Sep 20, 2007
    did you buy it in the philadelphia area? Elger were handmade guitars in the 60's made by a guy named Harry Rosenbloom and a few German luthiers who specialized in good violins. They were based out of Medley Music in Ardmore PA. In the late 60's they were bought by a japanese company, Hoshino I think, anyway this company went on to become Ibanez, named after a famous Spanish Luthier (also purchased by the japanese Hoshino). Rosenbloom had exclusive distribution rights for the early Ibanez guitars in the seventies. if your Elgar says 'made in japan' on it, then it is a late model Elger just after the purchase by the japanese. if your Elger says 'made in ardmore' it's an early model. it's probably a japanese version. Elger was sued by the company that owned Gibson b/c Elger copied their headstock design. if you have a 'open book' or 'moustache' headstock like a gibson then it is pre-1976. probably between 70 and 75. like mine. mine is an SG copy.
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    Mar 18, 2008
    hi i bought an elger jass bass also for $75.00 it didnt have japan on the neck plate only a number 2. so i pulled out the control plate and one pot i guess was the origanal said japn the other 2 looked like they where replaced. then i pulled the tuning keys off and on the under side said japan. then i was cleaning the original case and when i lefted the lach up under neath was writin japan and the city in japan it was supposedly made, i think goyogakki is the city. any one know anything about this guitar if its made in japan or not?????