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elite strings,

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by tyburn, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. how may of u lot have played with elite's

    i know many guy's in the us won't have or may have not heard of them but what about it,, how many have or do use them i do i love em,, they have a good feel and a sound i love an all rounder i'd say,, they've got a lot of grip to em

    endorsed by loads of players,, Mr N East,, mark king etc,, but i never hear about them on hear???

    what do u fellow brits think aout em or there lack of advertisng ??

  2. * here,, don't want you to think i can't spell,


  3. mwlaurenson

    mwlaurenson Guest

    Feb 5, 2001
    Elites are the only 5 string set I can get locally. I cant decide whether to buy them or order another kind (DR sunbeams perhaps). The only other strings I have tried were warwick red labels, which I hated. They are very rough, almost scratchy feeling. Also one of the strings was stretched when I got it. Not impressed!!!
  4. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Ive been using Elites since 1988 (I sometimes use Rotosounds) they are bright and last a long time (well they do for me, 3 yrs being the record).
  5. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Oh MWLaurenson welcome to the board and all that social stuff :)
  6. hey Mrlaurenson,, i've tried a number of different strings,, some of the biggest names and the smallest, hand wound low production types that dos 50 more than the elites,,, theres just something that i love about the elites,, i use sadiums 45 105 and i keep coming back to them,, i play terribly with out themm,, i took off a newish set of strings to put the elites on cos they were hurting my playing ,, i feel much better now,, the others are now spares,, after being slightly boiled (have to see it that works:d)

    they do feel a little different than other round wounds to begin with but then your fingers get comfortable and i and u will be able to glide over them,, if your listening elites, i'll do an endorsement for free,, well a few sets of strings a year

    try them there not that exsepensive and u'll be surprised
  7. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    I have tried Elites and am not that fond of them - but the Bass Centre always put a new set of Elites on when I but a bass or get it setup or altered.

    I think Elites are slightly better than Rotosounds, and to me are quite similar. But they are not anything like as good as D'Addarios or Thomastik Infeld.

    About 4 or 5 years ago I did use Elites, basically because they were the only 5 and 6 string sets I could afford. D'Addario Slowwounds sound hugely better to me than Elites, but when I started buying them a 6-string set cost £46!

    However, now I can get strings off the net, I can get D'Addarios sets for £20 including P&P. So now I would never go back to Elites and I have a 5-string set lying around that I won't ever use. D'Addario Slowounds sound better in every respect to me and on every bass I've tried, plus they are easier on the hands.

    Recently I have also tried Thomstik Infeld and again they are way better than Elites, to me. I think the thing is to buy strings off the net and try different sets - you will be very surpised at the differences!

    I get all mine from


    and they are about half the price of any shop where I can buy strings in the UK. They have a huge range, are very reliable and the shipping is always fast - even though they are based in the US.
  8. yeah, i agree u have to try them all u can't be stuck in the rutt of " i've played them forever, therefore there mine now"

    i've tried enough sets and these so far are the most comfortable for me,, i will undoubtably try more ,, i've got years yet , not quite 19 , but for now,, theses do for me,,

    i know what u mean about buying strings online bruce , thats where i buy mine from

    whats sheetmusicplus like,, whats the shipping time and charges??


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