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  1. bryantandrew


    Dec 17, 2008
    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd write up a good word for the folks at Elixir. I ordered their stainless 5-string set from JustStrings maybe a month ago and noticed after playing a few weeks that the A string looked darker and didn't have nearly the same zing as the others.

    I checked JustStrings to see if they had any single stainless Elixirs, but it looks like all they have right now are the regular nickels. Went on the Elixir site and explained my problem, and I got a response a week later saying I could expect a replacement in 5-7 business days. Only 2 days after that message and UPS showed up at my door with a package. Lo and behold, they didn't just send a replacement A string, but an entire replacement set.

    So kudos to Elixir for their help! These strings have worked very well for me in the past few years and I think I'll be sticking with them after this experience.
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    Very good, Elixir are good folks for sure.

    Now, you just need to get your strings from www.bassstringsonline.com and help out a fellow TB'er that supports us, all while you get better prices, better selection, and faster shipping than that other place!
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