elrick bass sound in songs...

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  1. Any songs off the top of your head sound like a soapbar elrick sound?
  2. that sounds really cool, what were your bass,mids,tre set at...any idea?
  3. For the first one (Incubus clip) I think I just had either the lower or middle mids boosted a bit (I LOVE the 3 way midrange switch btw :D ). Pickups panned center.

    And for the second one, I don't remember exactly what I did for the final version of that song. But I do know that for this Tone-test on the song, I had everything set flat.


    Both clips were recorded straight to the board through a DI. :bassist:
  4. Bryan R. Tyler is a bit of an elrick fan, and i know that he has a few clips...i don't have a link or anything though...
  5. lokire,what hardware are you using for the recording?
  6. I'm going through a Klark Teknik DI -- to a Mackie 1402 Mixer -- to an M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard. Recorded to Adobe Audition :)
  7. has a nice sound to it..
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    On the very first cut, "nice to see you" -- I guess it's your Elrick singlecut, do you have J pickups or soapbars on there? The tone really fits the style of the music well. I'm more of a "modern" style player but I still think the instrument sounds good.

    I hope to some day own an Elrick. I have always wanted one.
  9. They're J pickups...I think. They're Bartonlinis in a J-stye anyways.


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    I see your bass protects your spending habits!
  11. haha, yeah. All of the $7 that I have left :p
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    If you go to the link in my signature (the music one), I have samples of all of my Elricks on my mp3s page. All three of mine have Bart soapbars.