No longer available Elrick Evolution Gold Series

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  1. Jimmy Hubbard

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    Mar 4, 2017
    North Carolina
    North Carolina
    Elrick Evolution 5 string bass Gold series 35″ Scale, 8.5 lbs , Matching Burl Top and headstock, swamp ash body, Maple neck, Birdseye maple fingerboard,2-Way Adjustable Truss Rod, Bartolini J-Coil Pickups, Bartolini 3-Band Preamp with 3-Way Mid and Active/passive switch,Fully Shielded Control Cavity, Black Hipshot Ultra-light tuners,Black Hipshot B-style bridge, Dunlop Straplocks.

    Little scratch on the back/bottom by the jack (pictured), otherwise excellent condition. Plays/performs amazing!

    Trade interests- 5 strings...US Lakland (with the Humbucker by the bridge) , Sandberg California (P/Humbucker configuration),Mayones Jabba...
    Interesting passive basses...
    Willing to hear trades plus cash coming my way also. (the right Stingray 5, Fender Jazz Elite might peak my interest...)

    Please PM with any offers, questions, trades... Thank you


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    If it’s for sale you must list a price.

    Also it’s ok to ask for offers via PM, but users can ask questions in thread.
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  3. SMG

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    Wow...mine looks like it may have been born out of the same block of wood!
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  4. So beautiful. Back when I played 5ers, Elrick were my favorite active basses.
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  5. Jimmy Hubbard

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    Mar 4, 2017
    North Carolina
    It really is amazingly crafted, and a joy to play...