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Emanuel Wilfer carved 4/4 bass for sale

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by Richard Simon, May 26, 2004.

  1. Richard Simon

    Richard Simon Supporting Member

    Dec 6, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    Lemur-music.com, an importer that handles Wilfer basses on the West Coast, has changed its designation of this bass in several ways.

    First, they were calling it a 4/4 bass, and my original ad followed suit.

    Then, it was described as a Model 11.

    Finally, it was named Gentleman Jazz in their newest catalog.
    Their price is $8,500, before ales tax and without a cover.

    ---You can view pictures under those categories @ lemur-music.com---I cannot upload photos.

    My bass has slightly smaller dimensions than theirs:

    upper bout - 20 7/16"
    lower bout - 26 13/16"
    rib depth - 9"
    playable string length - 41 13/16"

    I am now asking $7,000.

    You'll get the bass, plus a new Mooradian cover, plus a new Aubert bridge with adjusters. And you might as well take the flight case for it as well.

    This bass is simply beautiful, carved in 2002 from spruce and maple, and adorned with ornate tuners. It is in superb condition.

    It was set up by Lisa Gass of LA Bass Works. She also cut the new bridge for it, with adjusters.

    This bass has been played virtually every day; it is beginning to speak with maturity and depth. It has had one previous owner besides me. Sporting a new set of Tomastik Spiracore/Orchestra Gauge strings, the bass has clean pizzicato response across all registers, and bows easily, with cello-like clarity up high and plenty of authority down low.

    This bass can drive a big band one night, and speak eloquently--without pick-up or microphone enhancement--alongside a piano or guitar the next.

    This bass will provide years of satisfaction, and should increase in value over time.

    Thank you.

    (310) 836-2277