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  1. rob_d

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    Jun 14, 2001
    For as long as I've been playing you would think I'd know something about setting up a bass...but I know very little. I barely even know what the parts are aside from the bridge, pickups...that basic stuff. Anyways, I want to adjust the action on a couple of my basses. Is at is simple as getting the alan wrench out and lowering the liddle saddles the strings sit on in the bridge? Will this cause my intonation to go haywire..particularly on my fretless? Thanks.
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    May 24, 2001
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    Very slight adjustments in action are often simply a matter of lowering the saddles, but yes, lowering the action will knock off the intonation. Greater changes may require that the truss rod in the neck be adjusted as well. Again, you should check the intonation after correcting the action.

    Search this site, there are many strings on adjustments.
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    Hey don't worry about your lack of knowledge in this area. I mean i am a moderator of this forum and i know sweet F.A. heehee (*wonders why i told you that.. looks around beadily*).

    I was assigned as morale booster for the troops??

    hmm stretching it a tad don't ya think!;)

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    Apr 2, 2001
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    The setting up of a bass is an art.

    I can do it, but it takes me for ever.

    Take your bass to a professional and ask him what he will do. After he/she is done, ask what work was performed, then go home and measure the string height, neck relief and bridge intonation for future referance.
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    If you're just lowering the saddles a little, it is likely that the intonation will not suffer much. Check it after you lower.

    And yeah, go to that Gary Willis site. Rocket science this ain't. Learn to do it yourself. And always do intonation LAST.