EMG 35dc connecting two together

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  1. nunk6

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    Jul 29, 2000
    i bought to seperate emg35dc and now im looking for a way to connect the two together it comes with a diagram but on the tone control it looks liike theres a capacitor that i dont have; any ideas or know where i can get information?
  2. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    General Wiring Diagram #1
    <img width=400 src="http://www.emginc.com/images/WBGen1.gif">

    General Wiring Diagram #2
    <img width=400 src="http://www.emginc.com/images/WBGen2.gif">

    Hey Nunk6,
    I'm assuming that you have 2 sets of Diagram #1? I think that is what comes with EMG 35 DC single p/u's. if you are looking to hook it up like Diagram 2 (2 volumes & 1 tone), just rewire the pots you have & use one of the capaitors that was included. If not reply again & i'll try to help.:)
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