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emg 45dc on a 5-string

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by abriemzh, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. hi there,

    this is my first post to talkbass, the pickup forum has given my lots of information on pickup subject, thanks alot ;).
    well, i have a problem. i have a 5-string bass (custom made) and i want to put an active pickup on the bridge, but in indonesia (where i live) emg 40 dc is not available at this moment (and maybe for several months ahead). my only option is 35DC, 45DC, and P5. but i want a "DC" character. can i put 45DC on 5string? and rotate it like " \ " this? would it affect anything? how about the level on every string, would it be a problem?

    need advices.... thanks alot!!
    PS: im sorry about my english

  2. Theres nothing wrong slanting pickups.. im sure it will alter your tone somewhat.. but many excellent luthiers have theyre basses like this (Roscoe for eg)

    But have you thought about buying internationally? Those EMG's are small and dont weigh much at all.. I'm sure theres many stores you could get to ship it to you.
  3. i have thought it before, but EMG distibutor themselve has order the pickup on may, but they havent arrived until now. back to the problem, im worried about the level on each string ( especially on B and G string) wont it be a problem since im planning to rotate the pickup ? because they are not in same line on the coil.
  4. You might wanna ask around.

    I'm pretty sure a few stores would actually have EMG pickups in store.. so if you ordered today, you could have it in your hands within 2 weeks max.

    If they had to order in other hand, you might have to wait, again try and contact them to see whats the best possible solution.

    Okay, onto the pickup placement, if you do decide to slant your pickup, I'm by all means no expert, but slanting the pickup with the B string side closer to the bridge wont effect the output of each string to much..but it may effect the tone, The B string side will be a bit more focused, darker even. The G string side will be abit more mellower and smooth.

    I'm sure other forumites will drop in to either agree with me or correct me.
  5. gazman thanx for your advices, but i think i will give the 45 DC a try, since somehow the price is cheaper to buy here than to order to an online store. and i think the slant pickup will give more look to my bass ;).

    Oh, i have one other question, i like to play slap'n pop. should i have this " \ " shape or " / " shape to get better tone for slap'in...? (i meant the slanting)
  6. Quick question tell me about your neck pickup ..

    Whats going in there ?
  7. im only planning to put one pickup on the bass, no pre-amp also. just 45 DC alone on the bridge, well i think it wont be on the bridge actually, its a little bit to the middle.
  8. ahh interesting.. slapping with one pickup.

    Again, ill say im no expert but i would go with


    Where the Low End B is closer the bridge, and the high end G would be closer to the neck.

    Dont tilt it to much tho.. the DC stands for Dual Coil, and you want both Coils to cover the B string and G string.

    Again, anyone else feel free to jump in and correct me if im wrong.. good luck with your project abriemzh.
  9. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    Yes you could put it on a 5 string. The 45DC has a pair of bar magnets 99mm long, so there is no <i>need</i> to angle the pickup.

    My 5 string has cutouts that are 45 sized for the pickups that are already in there, and I'd like to get some 45TW's to try in it later.
  10. TW's?

    Are those the Dual Coils that you can Coil Tap?
  11. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    Yessir. I like to be able to coiltap but I've found almost no info and / or opinions of people who've used them. Might be time for a thread on the subject......
  12. ok, thanx guys. the info's gave me the courage to continue my bass project :D