SOLD EMG Active 35P4 (35 P4, 35 P 4)

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    Jun 20, 2014
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    296FF4A3-39EF-46CB-AC59-617444D75F62.jpeg 5F5D978F-CA16-4884-A910-BA96EA25DC29.jpeg B0F529E2-0E6A-4C67-A5D9-6F5F45A161BA.jpeg $55 shipped within North America. retails new for $99
    Cleaning out the parts drawer I found this.
    It's just the pickup, no screws or connection cables, but has the quick-connect leads on the back.
    lightly used condition, could pass as new. It’s Active 9-27 volts .
    Drop-in replacement for any EMG 35 size soapbar.
    It has a nice fat & round sound !
    Insured shipping is included within the continental USA; PayPal is ok!
    Thanks for reading!