EMG BQC system dip switches

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  1. You know the 4 little treble response dip switches on the pcb inside. How do you set yours and what bass is it in? Can you describe the difference in tone that they make?
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    Sep 2, 2003
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    I have a P bass with EMG P/J pickups and a BTC preamp. I keep them at the lowest "response curve" setting, and played through my rig this is still really bright to me. I find myself still toning it down a touch. I prefer a rich, defined, slightly muscular tone so zingy doesn't work for me.

    I tried each setting while listening to the bass through headphones for a more even representation. I just found that each subsequent setting got brighter (until it skirted dog whistle land) and I didn't care for them. I don't slap or tap - maybe these settings help define those styles of play. I found no realized benefit hitting 10K Hz.

    Of course, your mileage may vary. The only thing to do is hook the bass up to your amp (leave everything flat), flip them one at a time and adjust your treble control to see how it impacts your sound.

    I wish they could just say - "boosts 3K Hz", "boosts 8k Hz).....
    Honestly, I find trying to figure out the tone mural they show for each setting is confusing.
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    I've got the BTC installed in my bass with EMG JX pickups, wired Vol-Vol-BTC. It has the same LOW/HIGH EQ as the BQC but no mid control.

    I went with the 1 OFF/2 ON which I think is the widest and highest EQ setting it has. I'm not boosting that knob, that knob is all the way down or a good ways down. This takes 8-10db of zing off of my sound starting at around 100hz with a peak cut at 20khz. Then I roll off the lows a bit to take some of the thump off, since the low EQ point is set low, it works as subsonic filter of sorts. This is while soloing the neck pickup. This gives my EMG Jx's a nice Mid-Thump sounds that works well with the PF-500 EQ. I can honestly see myself using this EQ to cut out unwanted frequencies and clean up my sound more than scoop the mids like boosting would do. It's great for what I'm doing right now set like this. Try it out.