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  1. I got a razorback with one of these installed. I'm running 40DC's with it. The tone is very, very sucky. Too bright and annoying. Anyone else have any experience with these?
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    I have an EMG P/J set with the BTC system and I don't have any issues like that - it does what it's supposed to.

    Are you sure it's installed properly?
  3. I have no clue. The guy I bought it from said emg installed it themselves
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    Have a BTC, no problems. How does it sound with both knobs at their center detent? That should be your baseline setting.
  5. I installed one in my Guild pilot 5, which has EMG LJ style active pickups in it, many years ago and it kicks ass! Lots o' low end but I do normally roll the trebel down because it can get a little harsh.
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    You can try opening the control cavity and changing the DIP switch setting. This changes the center freq of the treble pot, it might be on the guitar setting, which is the highest setting. Look at the manual available on EMGs website for more specifics.

    Also, try raising/lowering your p'ups too. This is an often overlooked part of setting up a bass and can have a huge impact on tone.

    FWIW, I have a BTC in a Dean Q4 with a set of Barts feeding it and I can't hardly get it bright enough even with it set at the highest freq setting.

    Too much treble can always be notched out at the amp too.
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    When run flat, the BTC has no effect on the tone. If it sucks when it's flat, something else sucks.
  8. I had the BT in one of my basses and was not convinced either. Maybe something about the output impedance? But in all honesty, I have a bias against active basses.
    Now, this system was used on some high end instruments such as Modulus Graphite basses so it must not be that bad.
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    That's the DCs, not the BTC. The BTC is very transparent sounding. The DCs have an edgy top end that you can't tame with EQ. I used to use them in my SGD basses and got tired of that tone very quickly.
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    Ya, 40DC's are for those who like the sizzle. Me, I like the steak. I'd put 40P5's in it, or maybe a 40P5 and a 40J for the bridge. I think they'll both work for 5 string and have the same size housing as the 40DC's.
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    +1 on the very hyped and edgy nature of the DC pickups; if you want to stick with humbucker EMGs, the CS version will be smoother.
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    I've used the 40P5 and 40J and they sound nice.

    The only bass I liked the DC in was this one. Since the DC was meant to be a Musicman sounding pickup, it works well in the "sweet spot."

  13. Does it make a difference that these are wired for 18v?
    The dip switch helped a little bit, I'll post a video showing you guys the annoying tone I'm talking about
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    Mar 31, 2011
    18v would give you more head room as the volumes up on the bass i believe, i don't think it would cause the issues your having, again that's just the 40DCs

    i have 2 on my bass as well and that's the nature of this pickup. I've seen people suggest the 40CS, modern sounding but not nearly as bright as the 40DC, more warm and mellow. I just can't seem to find any sound samples of this pickup to know for certain.
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    It's the DCs, not the BTC. I had them in a bass and replaced them with a 40P5 and 40J.

    But running the bass on 18V gives a less compressed tone.