No longer available EMG HZ 35 bars with BEQ3 preamp and problems

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  1. GermantownBassp


    Dec 24, 2018
    New Jersey
    These are EMG 35-sized passive bar pickups. They come with foam, springs, and screws. They are accompanied by an Ibanez BEQ3 preamp
    The problems:
    1) I was young, and dumb, and disconnected the pickups by cutting the wire because I didn't know I could have just unplugged them. See picture. This should be easy if you think splicing a wire is easy, and the split wire is obvious.
    2) There are three wires coming out of the preamp, black, red, and white, for the battery, ground, and hot, but there is no jack included, and you have to splice a battery wire.
    Of course these pickups can work with any preamp or passive electronics.