EMG-HZ replacement?

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  1. I have spector NS 2000 (4-string, korean) and I got to hate EMG-HZ sound. So I was thinking of changing the pups, so what fits in there both physically and spec-wise?

    Do I need to buy a new preamp as well? Mine is wired to 18V atm.
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    You don't have to change the pre; I have a DC at the neck and a CS (both EMG) at the bridge in my NS2000/5, get many, many compliments on the sound of my axe...give it a try!
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    Dec 14, 2002
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    OMG! EMG has so many different choices now in active pickups, you could go dizzy trying to pick which one is right for you. I love my EMG DC's but If the others were available when I bought them, I might have tried some others.

    Bartolini does make passive pickups that would fit, but I'm not sure if they would work with your preamp or not.