EMG-HZs to EMG-40DCs

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  1. i wanted to know if any modifications would be needed to replace EMG-HZs with EMG-40DCs. if so, if you could tell me what/how.

    my friend says i will need to do some soldering, but he is some what of a psyco, and from what i understand, EMGs have quick conect.
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    You'll need to swap out the old 250k pots with 25k pots, and yes, you will need to do some soldering.
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    I had my tech do it to be on the safe side.

    What guitar are you upgrading? Mine was a Spector, just done this week...beware, when you change the pots, you may have to get new knobs to accomodate the different shaft width (and no, that's not intended to be dirty!!!)

    Here's my experience with EMG-40DCs

    Good luck man! :bassist: